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Sex toys 101

Ok, so here’s the deal… everyone needs a vibrator or two!  Finding the one that best meets your needs can change your attitude about the times you experience not so good sex.  Just whip out that handy battery powered tool and get the fix someone else couldn’t do to you.  Now it’s not only a fix for times of bad sex.  It’s a great masturbation enhancer and an additional toy in the bedroom for some kinkier times.

There are a few must follow rules especially for use with others. I know this sucks because it can get costly but… DO NOT Share between different sex partners its yucky and rude!  Clean them directly after use nobody wants to accidentally find your toy and it be covered in dry cum.  If you live with others don’t leave toys out around your room or in the common areas it can be embarrassing when your roommate’s friend comes by and sees it.. just plain awkward. My advise is just to put them in a shoe box under the bed and label the damn thing so know one wants to check it out. 

Well back to the awesomeness that is toys.  There are so many out there ready to be used but finding the balls to get crazy stuff can be a little bit intimidating.  I know because I see some of that shit and I’m like what the hell would you do with this thing.  But I was a little sheltered until I was like 24 so…that’s my excuse. 

The one thing that really sucks tho is when you get that special vibrator and it hits the spot, then the batteries go dead and there are no more left in the entire house…AWWWWWW it sucks.  But the worse is when it breaks for good :(  So the moral of this is if you find a toy you love buy another one before it is discontinued.  

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Sex after the period

I freaking love the orgasm after my period is over it’s so amazing!  That’s it!

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Shave the Cha-Cha’s

So we are saving the ta-tas and now we need to be sure to shave the cha-cha’s.  I have several experiences where a chic has a hairy ass bush down there.  I personally don’t want to have pubic hair blocking my way to the prize.  I of course don’t want to be like OOO my god girl and bust out laughing, even though inside I probably am doing it.  You must have a plan of attack for these situations.  My experience in avoiding the wild jungle is to touch the prize first with the hands, if its scary don’t go down there for the finale.  I don’t know if this is true or not but, I think that a hairy pussy or ball sack (for those straight people :)) stink more than shaved or well trimmed vaginas.  I mean I could exaggerate but I think you can get the gist of what I’m saying.  

(This has happened more that once) 

True story, I started fooling around with this chic and I was so horny I started rubbing around and slowly moved my way to the panty area with my hands.  I went for the prize and found a bush… DAMN it so I was like ok maybe its just the top part.  This was calling for further investigation I went all the way down luckily not with my face and it was still crazy, but now I felt obligated to at least try to get this chic off.  The hair was an additional hurdle I was not really excited about.  I know that she was ready for me to go to the next logical step and eat her out but HELLs no I do not go there!!  And no one should have to.   

 I personally tell some women to shave after an awkward experience and every time I have it gets done so lets communicate and have good sex.  

Moral of the story:  IF You want to recieve oral sex please for heaven’s sake shave that shit!!!     

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Why talk about sex?

I have a passion for getting people excited about sex.  If you know me I’m sure you can attest to it.  Any and all sex questions, comments or experiences to be shared, starting from dry humping to S & M.  Ask questions get answers from me and my staff.  You think it, and we talk about it.  What was once behind closed doors is now open for fabulous discussions, opinions and ways to improve your sex life.  

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I think I could fall madly in bed with you. ~Author Unknown